Voyal Tours Pvt Ltd

Sustainability Good Corporate Citizenship Thought Leadership As a part of this endeavor, Responsible Travel will not only owe allegiance to our clients and the environment, but also seek the active engagement and alignment of our employees, stakeholders and business partners in this involved journey.

Responsible Travel pledge

embraces the following practice areas:

Safety & Well-being

We will enable timely and relevant information and offer duty-of-care to our clients. We will be watchful at each step and orchestrate operations in a thoughtful manner to address safety, security and well-being of our travelers. Equally, we will focus on occupational health, safety and welfare of our employees through stress management, healthcare, and work-life balance, among others.


We will continuously educate and encourage clients, employees and business partners to adopt sustainable environmental and business practices for the good of our collective future. Simultaneously, we will also learn from them about their environmental best practices. The evolving sustainability agenda at ITH will include Reduction, Recycling & Reuse practices, which will be periodically reviewed for improvement. We will constantly optimize our operations to minimize the impact on our planet.

Thought Leadership

We are committed to continually innovate and invest in business processes, practices, and technology that have the potential to enhance traveler experience and deliver greater value to our relationship with clients and business partners. We will endeavor to use our insights and domain expertise to identify travel trends, challenges and opportunities that impact our stakeholders. We will create, optimize and implement strategies aimed at controlling and reducing travel expenses and increasing the efficiency and convenience for the traveler.

Good Corporate Citizenship

In the conduct of the company’s business, we will operate within the prescribed guidelines, rules and regulations. We will follow ethical practices and high standards of corporate governance. We will adhere to confidentiality standards, transparency and prudence in dealing with everyone that forms a part of our ecosystem. We will continuously build ITH into an institution whose dynamism and vitality are anchored in its core values of being a good corporate citizen and giving back to society, in every possible way.